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Explore Essential Details: Itinerary, Dress Code, and Rules of Procedure.


We are happy to announce that the Delegate Allocations are now accessible. To ensure that everyone of you has a pleasant and intellectually stimulating experience, the logistics staff has carefully arranged for each of you to be in your proper council. Your contributions, we're convinced, will enable us to finally Break the Silence!

Rules of Procedure

Explore the comprehensive Rules of Procedure PDF document by clicking the button below. This essential guide outlines the principles, guidelines, and structure of our Model United Nations (MUN) conference, providing delegates with the necessary framework to engage in productive debates and negotiations

Code of Conduct

Access our Code of Conduct PDF document by clicking the button below. This document outlines the principles and guidelines that govern conduct and interaction within our Model United Nations (MUN) conference. It serves as a fundamental reference for delegates, ensuring a respectful and collaborative environment throughout the event


Day 1 - Friday, 17th November, 2023

  1. Registration

  2. Opening Ceremony

  3. Breakfast (In Council)

  4. Council Session One

  5. Lunch Break

  6. Council Session Two

  7. Snacks Break

  8. Council Session Three

Day 2 - Saturday, 18th November, 2023

  1. Council Session Four

  2. Breakfast (In Council)

  3. Council Session Five

  4. Lunch Break

  5. Council Session Six

  6. Snacks Break

  7. Council Session Seven

  8. Closing Ceremony

Dress Code

Model United Nation conferences are formal meeting places for tackling serious global conflicts, and attendees are expected to reflect this with their professional and modest appearance.

All delegates, chairs, and directors are required to adhere to NMMUN’s professional dress code. Delegates who fail to abide by the code will be asked to leave the conference and will only be allowed to return when they are in proper attire.


  • All participants must ensure that they are in formal attire.
  • No T-shirts are allowed under the suit jacket, only formal shirts.
  • Ties must not have any informal prints on them and must be tied neatly.
  • Dress pants only. No jeans or shorts of any kind.
  • Refrain from wearing fluorescent/ neon colors.
  • No sneakers or sandals, dress shoes only.


  • All participants must ensure that they are in formal attire.
  • Suits must be neat and formal and must not have informal prints of any kind.
  • Informal dresses are not permitted. Formal dresses along with a blazer (optional) only.
  • Kindly wear formal pants/skirts only. Skirt length must reach the knees; otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter the conference.
  • Refrain from wearing fluorescent/neon colors.
  • Dress pants only. No jeans or shorts of any kind.
  • Dress shoes and heels are permitted. No sneakers or sandals are allowed.
  • If the participant is wearing heels, please ensure they are comfortable and do not create problems for the participant.
  • Jewelry is allowed; however, ensure that it is not too flashy.
  • Makeup must be simple and professional.

Note: Chairs, Delegates and members in LOK SABHA are permitted to wear Traditional Indian attire.

All participants are expected to strictly follow the dress code.



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