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Payment Guide

NMS Applicants

NMS applicants are kindly requested to complete their application process by filling out the Google Form. Additionally, it is essential to print the provided consent form, carefully fill it with the required information, and subsequently submit the signed consent form, accompanied by a payment of 20 BHD, to their respective HRT. Your adherence to this procedure ensures a seamless application process.

Non-NMS Applicants

Non-NMS applicants are kindly urged to complete their application process by thoroughly filling out the designated Google Form. Payment for the application should be executed through a bank transfer, utilizing the provided banking details below for your convenience.

  • Ahli United Bank
  • IBAN: BH12AUBB00012793052001
  • A/C Name: New Millennium School
  • Required Amount: 20BD

Upon successful completion of the payment, kindly include the transaction receipt as supporting documentation in response to the 'Proof of Payment' query. Furthermore, please ensure the prompt submission of this receipt to nmmun2023logistics@gmail.com. When sending the email, kindly include your full name, class, and school details for reference, and attach your transaction receipt as an integral component of the correspondence.

Note: Kindly ensure that you grant viewing access of the proof of payment to the designated email address, nmmun2023logistics@gmail.com, to facilitate the verification process.

Chair Applications

Passionate about diplomacy, leadership, and international relations? Join us as a Chair at our Model United Nations conferences, where you'll guide critical discussions and foster global collaboration. Your role as Chair is pivotal, shaping debates, facilitating negotiations, and guiding proceedings. Your expertise and diplomatic skills will ensure productive dialogues and consensus-building.

Being a Chair isn't just leadership; it's personal and professional growth. Gain valuable experience in public speaking, conflict resolution, and international affairs. Connect with a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to global issues and diplomacy.

Ready to make a difference? Access our Chair Application Form below. Leave your mark on the international stage and contribute to fostering global understanding and positive change.


  • The application is only open to students of Grades X-XII
  • Interviews will be held in person at New Millennium School
  • Applicants are requested to check their emails regularly for further updates
  • Please note that the minimum requirements to apply for the position of chairperson is 1-3 prior delegate experiences
  • NMS applicants are only required to pay in person

Last Date for applicants - 21st September, 2023

Delegate Applications

Step into the shoes of a diplomat and make your voice heard on the world stage. Our delegate application section is your gateway to the thrilling world of international relations. Here, you'll have the opportunity to represent a nation, engage in thought-provoking debates, and work towards finding solutions to pressing global issues.

Whether you're a seasoned delegate with years of MUN experience or someone who's new to this exciting world, our application process is designed to welcome all levels of expertise. We believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity in shaping global conversations.

Join us in promoting diplomacy, understanding, and positive change. Apply today and become part of an inspiring community of future leaders. Together, we'll contribute to a more informed, compassionate, and interconnected world.


  • The application is only open to students of Grades VII-XII.
  • Applicants are requested to check their emails regularly for updates.
  • Payment will be accepted through bank transfer; details are provided below for Non-NMS applicants.
  • Registration will only be confirmed once payment is received.
  • In the last question where proof of payment is asked, please add the transaction receipt.
  • NMS applicants are required to pay in person.
  • Allocations will be out by 1st November, 2023.

Last Date for applicants - 20th October, 2023

Security & Runner Applications

Join our MUN team in one of two crucial roles: Security or Runner. In the Security position, your top priority is ensuring a secure environment for all conference attendees. You'll oversee access control, monitor conference areas, and promptly address security concerns.

This role requires attention to detail, effective communication, and a proactive approach. Your collaboration with organizers, authorities, and venue staff to implement security protocols is key. Your presence reassures participants, allowing them to focus on diplomacy. Join our Security team to gain valuable event security experience and contribute to a secure and welcoming conference environment.

Alternatively, consider the Runner role, where you become an indispensable part of our MUN experience. As a Runner, you facilitate the seamless flow of information between committees, assist with document distribution, and provide essential support to delegates and chairs.

In this dynamic, fast-paced role, you'll deliver messages and documents between committees, troubleshoot technical issues, and ensure delegates have access to vital resources. Your adaptability and organization under pressure directly contribute to our conference's overall success. Join our passionate MUN community as a Runner, gaining valuable hands-on experience in event logistics and coordination.


  • The application is only open to students of Grades X-XII.
  • Interviews will be held in person at New Millennium School or online via Google Meets.
  • Applicants are requested to check their emails regularly for further updates.

Last Date for applicants - 10th October, 2023

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